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Description of colored Melamine Formaldehyde Product

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Description of colored Melamine Formaldehyde powder Product

Melamine is non-toxic and odorless crystalline powder, which can dissolve in glyceline, pyridine, heat ethylene glycol, acetic acid and formaldehyde.It is difficult soluble in the ether, benzene and tetrachloromethane.It will sublimate when heated, heated slongly it will decomposite.

(1). Electrical appliance spares: Switch, sockets.
(2). Machinery spares: Knob, handle, spinning machine components, instrument shell, clock shells. 3. Ornaments: Imitation pearls, buttons and pins.
(3). Others: Toys, Mahjong cards, chess, ashtrays, balls, and toilet cover seats.
3.Storage: Kept in airy, dry and cool room.
Storage period: Six months from the manufacturing date. Test should be undertaken when expires. Qualified products can still be used.
4.Transportation Caution: Avoid moisture, heat, dirt and packaging damage

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