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Description of melamine Glazing Powder

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Melamine resin molding powder (overlay resin) commonly known as Clear Flour (glazing powder) molecular structure and melamine formaldehyde resin powder is basically the same, all belong to polymer compounds. The reaction of formaldehyde and melamine resins, dryer ball ground into a powder. As it producted without pulp, commonly known as "powder." Glazing powder is scentless,innocuity,wearable.It can be used for increase smooth surface to achieve fashionable and elegant in style.
Glazing Powder is used for glazing the surface of table-wares made of melamine moulding compound and urea moulding compound. The article coated with Glazing Powder has a shinny & harder surface and resists better to cigarette burns, foodstuffs, abrasion and detergents.

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