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All plant/ production line characteristics

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All plant/ production line Introduction

1. Lots of plant for customer choice

In order to meet customers' various needs, our company constantly to enlarge business scope       .At present, we have eight main production line for customer choice.

1) Formaldehyde plant

2) Melamine formaldehyde molding compound plant

3) Urea Formaldehyde Molding compound plant

4) Melamine Glazing powder plant line

5) Granulator for urea formaldehyde molding compound

6) Granulator for Melamine formaldehyde molding compound

7) Melamine formaldehyde resin plant

8) Urea Formaldehyde resin plant


2.Compatible production line.

According to customer demand, We can slightly adjusted, then the plant can produce UF and MF only use the same plant. So the customer can according to the market demand for two products to adjust their production, thus the maximum limit occupy market share.

3. From formaldehyde plant to later UF and MF plant , one package service.

We can provide the complete formaldehyde production line, and formaldehyde production process will produce a lot of steam.  We can just use these steams to produce UF/ MF plant, which not only save energy but also can make the excess formaldehyde into process. Rather than simply sell formaldehyde products, can more satisfy the customer’s various needs, which can make the enterprise profit maximization.

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