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Cabinet Dryer(Tray Dryer)

1. Introduction
1). Comparing with belt dryer, this machine has simple mechanical transmission, low failure rate, no contamination, small occupation area, low investment, quick working effects. It is easy for operation and cleaning, suitable for production of small batch and color product.
2). Comparing with hand overturning material type dryer, it reduces intensity of labor and doesn’t need operators to work under high temperature, high humidity and irritating toxic gas for long time. No fumes leak protects working environment. It has reasonable wind pathway design, high efficiency and has the advantages of energy-saving, low noise, good operational environment. It has pleasing shape, and is easy for operation and maintenance.
2. Application
1). This is a suitable machine for the production of melamine plazing powder.
2). Production of color aminoplast power (small batch, multi-variety)
3). Dry other material whit moisture content less than 25%.
3. Technical parameter
1). Overall size: 1800×1810×3100mm (length×width×height)
2). Quantity of plate: 40 pieces
3). Size of plate 740×500×65mm
4). Fan delivery: 18000 m3/hr.
5). Wind pressure: 304Pa
6). Motor power: 3KW
7). Weight of whole machine: 2000Kg
8). Occupation for installation: 1800×4350mm
9). Steam consumption: 100Kg/hr.
10). Steam pressure: 0.4MPa
11). Maximum temperature of dryer: 125℃

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